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Modern Objects in Motion 

By Artist Todd Dworsky
Copyright (c) 2012

I'm so very excited for the showing of my new series for fall 2012 called Modern Objects in Motion. The series is reminiscent of the modern design that I would see growing up the the 60's as a child. It was my visit to L.A. last year that inspired me to do a a series. I saw the orange, yellow and red colors used on the outside of the L.A. Modern Art Museum Building. The series includes a strong sense of retro shapes and colors that incorporate balance energy and movement. The shapes seem to move and push past the limits of the canvas. The shapes even wind around the sides of the gallery style canvas so no framing is needed. The images are free form with movement but with a strong sense of design and discipline. Modern Objects in Movement is a visit back to the retro design period form the 60's but with my updated interpretation. I believe that this series sets a purpose and precedence that stands out and apart as a new form of abstract art. I'm currently looking for an installation venue for these pieces to show and or to purchase. 

Todd Dworsky copyright (c) 2012 This series is copyrighted and the artist Todd Dworsky prohibits these images, ideas and paintings to by used, duplicated, or copies without written consent from the artist Todd Dworsky. 

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