My art incorporates color and motion .  My pieces  are my interpretation of what I see and my inner spirt directing me on the direction of the piece.  I incorporate dimension , bright colors,  rich tones, and different tools to apply the paint.

In high school I was discovered by the art teacher.  I just did what I did not knowing it was anything miraculous. The talent I was born with is God's gift,  but I realized to become talented and outstanding is a process of practice,  challenging the talent and growing the  gift.  It must be cultivated which I found to be uncomfortable.  When I paint  I listen to what my spirit tells me .  Where to put this or that and what is working what is not working.  The process can be like a puzzle that is put together where all the pieces have to fit.  
I studied  at the renowned Minneapolis College of Art and Design after being discovered and awarded in high school as a talented painter.   The success I had  was in photography and fine arts.  I made it to the top of my class and was recognized for a landscape project which I tied every photo of a landscape scene with a garden stick which I incorporated and installed in each scene.  This in turn tied all the photographs together in a comprehensive and cohesive way.  The project was kept as an example of a creative and groundbreaking work taken to the next level as not just a series of landscape pieces but incorporating an opposite relationship between the manufactured wooden stick incorporated into the natural landscape scenes showing the opposite polarity of each.
I became more interested in music after I left art school.  During that period I worked only in music  working with sounds from my diverse keyboards and synths. I concentrated on developing sound works to paint pictures.   After moving to Arizona in 1994  I studied light, colors, and shadows from 94 to 2000 until I felt I could paint from my imagination.  

When I would do my pieces in High School I would start to paint from the AZ highways magazine so I knew one day I should see AZ in person.  I started out again with acrylics but lately I have ventured into oils to explore the differences in that medium.  The paintings have an emotional effect on all who look at them.   My pieces have been known to heal, lift mood,  and identify with and connect with my many fans.  I have a unique ability as an artist to paint works that come from my mind. Everything I do is from memory and conveys the underlying tone of my thoughts and emotions.  In many circumstances the piece might on the surface communicate one thing but have undertones of a different perspective. 

My pieces have been featured at the Mayo Clinic AZ, different Galleries, and sold to Collectors mainly thru the internet.