Remembering Natalie Dworsky...

In memory of my mother who passed away Saturday evening January 10th ...
it was the Eve of my Mother and Father's Anniversary.
Going Home...by Todd Dworsky

I see glimpses and memories
But Can't seem to recall
That's when the shadows
Play on the walls

Then all is dark once more.
Now a life of glimpses is all that's left for me.

  If you will listen
  You will see
  A river swift
  An old man standing on the shore
  He's calling out your name.
  He's calling out to bring you home.

Here I stand
And  I'm waiting for something
Night has fallen on me.

The shadows flicker shapes
Of something I don't want to see
I wait for certainty
I wait for eternity                                                           

  If you will listen
  You will hear
  Sounds of singing in the morning
  Ringing thru your ears
  The sun will shine
  And you will go
  You are a prisoner no more.

I see chasms growing
As I turn and walk away
But I've heard his voice before

If only I could remember
He's calling out my name
He's calling out
To bring me home

I'm going home...
I'm going home...




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My art is a direct reflection of and influenced by the the music I listen to, produce, compose, and write.  The music comes thru in my art in that the colors and motion of many of the pieces are a representation of the music that I'm influenced by.  When I create my works it is the result of what I see in my mind as how I percieved a song or a memory of something I saw. My works are always my interpretation of how I pictured something be it a song, rainstorm, or memory.

I went to art school at the Minneapolis College of Art and Design after being discovererd and awarded in highschool as a talented painter.  I studied graphic arts instead of focusing on fine arts which interfered with my creativity.  The success I had under the graphic arts program was in photography.  I was the top in my class and was recongnized for a landscape project which I tied every photo of a landscape scene with an object that occured in each scene.  This in turn tied all the photographs together in a comprehensive and cohesive way.  The project was kept as an example for the whole school to learn from.

I became more interested in music after I left art school and graduated with a masters degree in communications.  During that period I worked only in music. Working with sounds from my diverse keyboards and synths. I concentrated on developing sound works to paint pictures.  I was influenced by Mike Pinder, Tangerine Dream and Eno.  Later I worked with the former lead singer of the band Information Society, and other talented singers who I would write for. 

I started painting again in 2000.  All that I've learned and experienced in life I've put into my artistic works.  The paintings have an emotional effect on all who look at them.  I have never lacked in the ability to sell my pieces because of this.  My pieces have been known to heal, lift mood,  and identify with and connect with my many fans.  I have a unique ability as an artist to paint works that come from my mind. Everything I do is from memory and conveys the underlying tone of my thoughts and emotions.  In many circustances the piece might on the surface communicate one thing but have undertones of something completely different. This sometimes overpowers the top and most immediate expression of the piece.

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Todd Dworsky
CEO and Founder /My Spirit Art LLC /Art4Usite.com